Friday, June 21, 2013

Sample Musings #7: Hope(less) by Melissa Haag

Since I have to read through many book samples in the process of deciding what to review for the blog, I figured why not do a "Sample Musings" feature that reflects some of my initial thoughts on the samples I read whether good or bad--just whatever jumps out at me. Sometimes they will be short and sweet and sometimes they will be longer and rambling...just like my thoughts :)  

Sample Musings are based solely on the sample reading and do not reflect a review of the entire book. Cover art will be rated simply as good, okay, or bad.

Hope (less)

Sample Musings: At first it seemed interesting but it eventually started to just plod along and got boring. I found myself losing interest. I also found it a little hard to swallow that her foster parents didn't find it odd that an old man wanted to be such close friends with a 16-year-old even if Gabby did claim that he was a friend of her grandfather's. There were also enough typos in the sample to make me wary of the proofreading for the remainder of the book. Not an egregiuos amount, but enough.

Sample Verdict: I will pass on this one. I just didn't feel compelled to keep reading.

Cover Art: Okay 

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