Saturday, May 11, 2013

Sample Musings #4: Delirium by Susan Kaye Quinn

Since I have to read through so many book samples in the process of deciding what to review for the blog, I figured why not do a "Sample Musings" feature that reflects some of my initial thoughts on the samples I read whether good or bad--just whatever jumps out at me. Sometimes they will be short and sweet and sometimes they may be longer and rambling...just like my thoughts :)  

Sample Musings are based solely on the sample reading and do not reflect a review of the entire book. Cover art will be judged simply as good, okay, or bad.


by Susan Kaye Quinn

Sample Musings: Since Delirium is the first episode of a 9-part serial, it is a short work (about 40-ish pages) and therefore, the sample was very short. However, it managed to end on a perfect cliffhanger--just as Lirium put his hand on someone to kill him. Let me back up. Lirium appears to be some kind of futuristic grim reaper though not in the sense of a classic grim reaper. I think this is more a futuristic weird science type of reaper. He collects "debts" though I'm not sure of the exact nature of these debts. A financial debt? A debt to society? Something else defined as a debt? I dunno. This debt appears to be paid  at a person's death, which he seems to facilitate. The sample wasn't long enough for me to get a handle completely on what he actually does, because, ya know...the sample ended just as he was about to do it! Gah!

I like the writing style for what little I experienced of it and I am interested in finding out more about the story. Here's the catch. I don't like serials. Wait, let me clarify that. I don't like serials when they are ongoing. Bundled serials when they are done...that's another story. Bring it on. Among other reasons, I'm becoming less and less tolerant of cliffhangers. Since serials and cliffhangers go together like bread and butter, I tend to steer clear of them until they are finished.

Sample Verdict: I am willing to read more. Though I'm not personally a fan of serials for personal reading, I know there are a lot of people who like them so I'm not opposed to reading them for  review and this one does pique my interest. For now, it goes into the review pool.

Cover Art: Good


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