Saturday, April 27, 2013

Sample Musings #2: Darkness of Light by Stacey Marie Brown

Since I have to read through so many book samples in the process of deciding what to review for the blog, I figured why not do a "Sample Musings" feature that reflects some of my initial thoughts on the samples I read whether good or bad--just whatever jumps out at me. Sometimes they will be short and sweet and sometimes they may be longer and rambling...just like my thoughts :)  

Sample Musings are based solely on the sample reading and do not reflect a review of the entire book. Cover art will be judged simply as good, okay, or bad.

Darkness of Light
by Stacey Marie Brown

Sample Musings: My first impression of this book was the cover. I love it and it made me want to read the sample. Well, okay... I liked the blurb too, but the cover rocks. The main character, Ember has two different color eyes and red streaks in her hair just like the cover image. I always appreciate when the cover reflects the story and characters.

So, we have a freaky outcast girl who appears to have some kind of uncontrollable, and seemingly unknown, powers that wreak havoc at inopportune times. They have caused her to change schools. It happens again and she is now being forced to attend some special program for troubled teens or get kicked out of school. A mysterious man shows up and seems to be claiming her. He has blue eyes. Later in the sample another mysterious man shows up. He has green eyes. Ember has one green-ish eye and one blue-ish eye. Does it mean anything? I dunno!  Is there a potential love triangle action being set up here?  I dunno! Then there is the popular guy who she seems to be pining after and also an obligatory mean girl (yep, a cheerleader).  What I do know is that there are definitely a good number of tropes going on here.  However, I am usually trope-friendly.

Sample Verdict: This sample was easy to get through and I was finished before I knew it.  I wanted to keep reading. I'm curious about the mystery men and what's up with Ember's freaky-deaky powers. A couple of the tags I was given for this book were fae and demons. I didn't really get that from the blurb but it does make me even more interested in reading further. This one goes in the review pool!

Cover art: Good  (in fact... very good)

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