Thursday, November 15, 2012

The blog is back...

Quietly sneaking back into the blog to announce that IPBR is back in action. It has been almost a year since the blog went fully on hiatus back in December of 2011. After giving it a lot of thought I have decided to jump back into the blog...but with a few differences.
~ I am tentatively opening the blog again to the full range of review requests. We'll see how it goes. See the Review Guidelines page for more detail.

~ The first and most significant change is that I will not be accepting review requests with one exception...I will consider review requests for short stories as outlined on the Review Guidelines page. For all other books, I'll be choosing books to review from my own personal library or those I receive from LibraryThing or Goodreads giveaways.  Sorry, I know that kind of sucks for authors looking for reviews, but it solves several issues for me that contributed to putting the blog on hiatus in the first place. I do have a minor compromise to this, so take a look at the Review Guidelines page for more about that.

 ~ Reviews and other features will be done at my own pace, which basically means slow (no real change there!). Other than the small number of reviews I'll soon be cross-posting to the blog from those I posted on Amazon/Goodreads while on hiatus, the pace of the blog will be dictated by what I am in the mood to read and review and the time I have to spend on it.  Reviews will still reflect my honest opinion on the book whether positive or negative, but I will start to use half stars in my rating.

~ The focus of the blog is shifting concerning the books I spotlight (Whatcha Reading?) outside the reviews. Previously, I featured almost any indie paranormal fiction book and let the reader determine for themselves the quality of the book.  From now on I will be more selective about the books I spotlight outside the reviews and will focus more on those books I've read and enjoyed myself and want to share with other readers, or books I haven't read but are written by authors I trust (from my own reading experience) to deliver a good story.  Guest Author posts, Blog Tours, sale alerts, etc. do not fall within this requirement. Promotional blog tours where I haven't read the book will be marked PROMO for the readers clarification that it is not a recommendation. Likewise, I'll be looking for an icon to use to indicate which books reviewed or featured on the blog are IPBR favorites.

I think that's it for now.  Looking forward to sharing lots of good indie reading with you...again!

*1 DEC 12 - Edited for clarification and to adjust the section on review requests.  After some consideration, I will now take review requests for short stories. The section above has been modified.  Please see the  Review Guidelines page for more information.
*18 DEC 12 - Further editing for clarification on promotional posts for blog tours
*19 JAN 13 - Tentatively opening the blog to full range of review requests


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