Thursday, September 8, 2011

Review (Short Story): The Tingles by Melissa L. Webb

The Tingles
by Melissa L. Webb

Genres: Urban Fantasy
Word Count: approx. 1,000 (Short Story/Flash)
Publication Date: December 19, 2010
ePub Pages: 5 pgs total (3-4 pgs story text)
Source: My personal library

DESCRIPTION from Smashwords:
Meet Zane. He's got a slight problem. Who can he turn to for help? This is an excerpt from an upcoming Zane Redgrave novel.
Very short, very cool. About 3-4 pages of story text depending on how your ereader flies. Considering the size of the story (about 1,000 words) I think the author did a great job of building the suspense so you are wondering just what the heck is going on with this guy and the tingles, and then you get a cool twist at the end. It almost felt like it was part of a larger series, so I went looking (and hoping) there was more associated with this story or maybe this was a prequel to one in the works. I wanted to read more of this world. It would be an awesome premise for a larger work. But alas, there does not seem to be anything else. I hope others have asked for more of this world, too.   Edited to Add:  As I was prepping this review for the blog, I noticed some additional notes in the description above at Smashwords that I'm pretty sure were not there when I initially wrote my review.  It looks like there is an upcoming book associated with this story....sweet!

Rating:  5 (I Loved It!)

Typos: 1-2


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  1. Thank you for the great review! I'm so glad you enjoyed it.

    Yes, Zane will get his own novel. He was too good of a character to just leave behind.

  2. Awesome...I'll keep an eye out for it :)


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