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Whatcha Reading? Bound by Blood - P.A. Lupton

Whatcha Reading? is a feature that spotlights currently released titles. Today we have P.A. Lupton here to give us a closer look at her paranormal romance, Bound by Blood.

 Word Count: approx. 95,654

What’s the basic premise of Bound by Blood?
FBI agent and psychic, Brianna Reece, descends from an ancient and powerful bloodline of witches, only she doesn’t know it. But now that legacy has come back to bite her—literally.
In the shadows of night in Denver Colorado, a serial killer is hunting women, and FBI agent Brianna Reece is hunting the killer. Unlike any case she’s worked before, Brianna can’t ignore the prickling at the back of her neck when she glimpses the resemblance she shares with the victims. The investigation begins to touch even closer to home when it is revealed that all of the victims were also psychic.

Complicating matters further, Brianna is captivated by the FBI’s prime suspect Nathan Donovan. Though she senses he is hiding something from her, the attraction she feels for him is compelling, and unlike anything she’s ever experienced. Through a chance twist of fate, Nathan learns of Brianna’s ancestry and is forced to divulge secrets to Brianna that will change her life forever.

When she learns that the killer is an evil vampire, and he’s now set his sights on her, Nathan alone holds the key to awakening her dormant powers. Now he must race to teach her how to control her emergent gifts before she becomes the next victim.

What inspired the idea for this book?
It started with a question I read that asked, “If you could have any power what would it be”? I thought about it and decided it would be cool to be Empathic, and I contemplated the ways that gift could develop. That’s when I created the character of Brianna Reece. 

I wanted her to fall in love with a man that could be her equal—a partner. Many stories have women who fall in love with a strong alpha male, constantly rescuing them from danger. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, I love a powerful alpha male as much as the next girl. Nathan Donovan is that man, and although he is strong enough to protect Brianna, he respects her enough to let her fight her own battles as well. Once the characters were alive in my mind, the story just sort of developed after that. 

Who is the audience for this story?
The story is really geared toward adult women who like the Paranormal. 

How would you define the genre for this book? Are there any underlying themes?
Bound by Blood skates closely on the line between Paranormal Romance and Urban Fantasy, and could be considered a hybrid of both genres. Though the relationship between the main characters is a focal point of the story, there is much more to the plot, including an underlying theme of mystery. There’s the obvious whodunit, but also the secrecy of Brianna’s lineage that must be unraveled.

What sets Bound by Blood apart from other books in the genre? 
Bound by Blood is a Paranormal Romance, but there’s more than just romance. It also has mystery, suspense, and a unique blending of vampires and witches, with some fresh theories about the origins of both. It steps outside the stereotypes regarding both mythological legends and offers up some different ideas.

Will Bound by Blood be part of a series? If so, can you tell us more about it?
Yes, Bound by Blood is the first book in a series entitled The Garner Witch Series. I am hoping to release the second book in the series before Christmas 2011. 

Who did the cover art for your book?
Actually, I initially hired a cover artist to design my cover, but when I received the finished product I hated it. While complaining to my brother—the computer wiz—he asked what I wanted. I explained my vision to him and an hour later he showed me this cover, which is exactly how I envisioned it. He’s brilliant—though I don’t tell him that. 

What is your favorite scene or line from Bound by Blood? 
I like this scene because it highlights the independent nature of the heroine:

He rushed at me, grabbing onto my hair as he pressed the knife against my face, If you’re waiting for your boyfriend to rescue you, don’t. He’ll never find you.”
Despite my exhaustion, I managed to let out a short, humorless laugh, “You really are from another time aren’t you. Well, let me give you a clue—women rescue ourselves now, asshole. ”

If you could be one of the characters in your book, who would it be, and why?
Unquestionably the heroine Brianna, she can kick ass, she’s powerful, and she’s dating the sexiest vampire I could imagine. 

Where can readers find your book?  Is it available in ebook, print, or both? 
Bound by Blood is available in paperback and all e-book formats. You can purchase either directly from my website http://www.palupton.com/ or alternatively at:  Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Smashwords. 

Is there anything else you would like readers to know? 
Well the first thing I’d like to do is thank you for inviting me to spotlight Bound by Blood on your blog. Also I would like to thank everyone who has taken the time to review the book, or send me their reactions. I’m surprised by how many people have taken the time to email me with such positive feedback. This is the first book that I’ve published, and I never realized how terrifying it would be to put something out there that is so personal to me. 

Where can readers find you online? 
My website: http://www.palupton.com/ 
Goodreads: http://www.goodreads.com/author/show/5096013.P_A_Lupton 
Twitter: http://twitter.com/#!/search/Pennyannlupton


    The music was screaming, the bass thumping, reverberating through the floor and pounding furiously in my chest. I glanced around the club, my assessing eyes drawn to the scantily clad women hanging around the bar. I felt overly exposed as I dressed in my too-short skirt and too-tight blouse with the sweeping neckline, which in my opinion was also too-low. The outfit, exactly opposite to my regular collection of slacks and blouses, but as I observed the women in the club tonight I realized I was dressed like a nun in comparison. I hated going to clubs.
    But this wasn’t a social visit. Tonight I was hunting a killer.


EXCERPT from Bound by Blood
Copyright 2011 P.A. Lupton

Nathan Donovan rose to greet us, and I noticed three things at once: First, the alluring scent that filled the room was him. Second, he was undeniably the most drop dead gorgeous man I had ever laid eyes on. And third, he was the source of the pulsating charge in the room. His aura literally vibrated like nothing I’d ever seen or felt before, it was as if lightning were contained in the body of a man. 

His movements were purposeful and sinuous, he seemed utterly confident—although not cocky. He was simply a man comfortable in his own skin. He wore black dress slacks and a light blue shirt with a darker silver-blue tie. Despite the business attire he was wearing, I could see that he was muscular and well built.

Tall, at least six-foot-two, his shoulders were broad and tapered down to a lean waist. His hair and perfectly shaped eyebrows were deep brunette, almost black, and they contrasted perfectly with his tone. His skin appeared luminescent, literally flawless, completely unlined and free of blemishes. 

His hungry gaze drank in my body from head to toe, and when he finished his perusal he lifted the corner of his full—very kissable lips—in a wicked and dangerous smirk.

He turned his attention to my partner and extended his hand, all the while keeping me in his peripheral. “Hello, my name is Nathan Donovan.”

“I’m special agent Morrison” my partner shook his hand “and this is special agent Reece,” he said as Nathan Donovan turned his eyes back to me. It was then that I got a good look at their color. They were deep chocolate brown with tiny, almost imperceptible, hints of golden flecks inside. High cheekbones and a slightly shadowed square jaw made him look as though his face had been chiseled by the gods themselves.

“Hello Mr. Donovan.” I stammered while extending my hand.

Our hands connected and it was like liquid fire was suddenly pumping through my veins, I almost wrenched my hand back in surprise from my body’s unexpected response.

There was a gleam in his eyes that told me my reaction to his touch hadn’t escaped his notice. His tongue peeked out slightly, tracing the inside of his lower lip.  No one had ever stared at me so intently, like he knew I was undressing him with my eyes and he welcomed the fantasy.  I felt a blush move furtively up my face as I quickly pulled my hand back and averted my eyes from his knowing stare. For the first time in my life, I was speechless, I couldn’t think of a single coherent thing to say.

“How can I be of assistance to the FBI?”  He asked breaking the uncomfortable silence.

Great, his voice was just as destructive to my libido as his touch, it was like pure sex! The sound of it did something wildly erratic to my heart rate. Aside from the formality of his speech, his voice was sensual, almost melodious. God, the intonation was like foreplay.  My stomach felt like a hundred butterflies had just taken flight, and my heart was banging against my chest so loud, I was sure they could both hear it. Get a grip Brianna. Focus. Was he asking me something? 

“Ahem” Morrison cleared his throat and glared at me as if I’d lost my mind. “We’re here investigating a homicide, the victim had one of your business cards at the scene, and we were hoping that you could explain why.”

I was grateful for Morrison’s presence. Otherwise I may have made a complete ass of myself—as opposed to the half-ass I just made. I tried to keep my thoughts professional and focus on what they were saying.

“Oh?” he glanced back at me briefly and then turned his attention completely to Morrison’s question. “I am very sorry to hear that. What was her name agent Morrison? If there is any way I can help with your investigation I would be happy to do so.” He said sincerely.

“Morganna Tate”

He sighed wearily and I could see sadness fill his eyes. “Yes, I met Morganna. I made her acquaintance just recently.  She believed someone was stalking her. She was frightened, but unfortunately, the lack of corroboration prevented the police from helping.  Her only proof that someone was watching her was that she had a ‘bad feeling’.” He shook his head and had a faraway look. “Regrettably, it would seem her ‘feeling’ proved spot on.”

“What exactly did she want from you?” Morrison asked.

“She wanted to hire one of my bodyguards for protection.”

“Your bodyguards are pretty expensive from what I hear.” Morrison questioned.

“Ms. Tate was a successful psychologist, she could afford our services.” He answered.

I was slowly regaining some rational thought. I asked a question hoping it would come out somewhat articulate “Who did you assign to guard her?” Relieved, I actually managed to keep my voice steady.

He looked back at me, now tentatively as if deciding how to answer. “I had not yet assigned her a body guard.”

I had the distinct impression he was lying, but the electricity coming from him was muting his emotions.  Time to do my thing, I thought, as I prodded deeper to gauge his real reaction, not the one he voiced. I established a more profound connection and momentarily was able to read two very distinct emotions:  First, incredible sadness. The news of Morganna’s death had caused him a great deal of pain. The second thing I sensed was deception—he was hiding something from us. It was just a brief glimpse though, because just as I formed the link between us, it unexpectedly slammed shut. 

With a shocked expression, Nathan whipped his head in my direction and his eyes bored curiously into mine. For the first time ever, I had the distinct impression that he knew precisely what I was doing. That’s not possible, I thought. Before I could try again, his lips quirked into a smirk I could only describe as challenging, and he had the nerve to wink at me.

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Ever since I can remember I’ve had an addiction to books, and from the moment I picked up my first Anne Rice novel, I was hooked on the paranormal. The compelling lure of the paranormal world is irresistible. It is a world where anything and everything is possible, and the boundaries of humanity need not apply. A world in which life spans are measured by centuries and millennia, rather than decades, and a woman can possess inhuman strengths and kick major ass, yet still retain her innate femininity.

Why Vampires? They are the ultimate bad boys.

Women love a dangerous man, and what could be more dangerous than a vampire. Vampires embody everything we crave about the stereotypical bad boy. They exude confidence and sensuality. They are exciting, mysterious, and the epitome of masculine perfection—strong, youthful, and indescribably gorgeous. What’s not to love?

My first novel, Bound by Blood, combines my two favorite paranormal legends: witches and vampires—with a little romance thrown into the mix. I hope you enjoy it.


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