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Review (Short Story): Carnal Desires Short Stories - In the Flames and In the Tempest by Crystal Jordan

In the Flames & In the Tempest
by Crystal Jordan

Genre: Paranormal Futuristic Erotic Romance
Formats avail: ebook
Publication Date: April 16 2011*
Word Count: approx. 4,171 & 3,770 (Short Stories)
ePub Length: 10 pgs of story text
Source:  My personal library 

Carnal Desires Short Stories

*Originally published in Cobblestone Press Quarterly Magazine in 2007

DESCRIPTION from Goodreads:
In the Flames: Prince Taymullah has been made Regent of the weretiger planet, Vesperi, while his elder brother is away on the annual trade run. It's important that he not upset the balance of power among the weretiger prides during his temporary reign. But his hand is forced when the woman he loves is bethrothed by her father to another man. What would Taymullah risk for love?  4,171 words

In the Tempest: Humiliated and abandoned by a weredragon lord sworn to mate with her through political arrangement, Lady Adriana refuses to mate for anything less than love-even if it means refusing the advances of the commanding Lord Baleel. Adriana believes he's only after the prestige mating with her will bring him...until he forces her to see that his pursuit of her has nothing to do with politics and everything to do with love.
3,770 words

In The Flames and In The Tempest are a couple of sexy shorts that don't waste any time getting down to some shifter shagging. Well, they are short stories after all so no time to waste!  Considering the short story length (about 10 or so ePub pages each) that the author has to work with I think she did a good job of creating a sense of romance too and you even get the coveted "I Love You" moment. I gobbled up these two shorts in no time, but I felt like there was some back story I was missing so went looking for a larger series and it does seem like there is at least one book (titled Carnal Desires, natch!) that I'll be looking up :)  There is also another story in the Sexy Beast V anthology. The only thing I would suggest is to clean up the typos to really make these shorts shine. 

Warning: These stories are EROTIC Romance and one includes some light bondage.

Rating: 4 stars each

Typos found:  11 (In the Flames) and 8 (In the Tempest)


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