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Sneak Peek!.... and a Giveaway! Spiderwork by L.K. Rigel

Sneak Peek! is a new feature showcasing tantalizing teasers for upcoming releases in the paranormal indiesphere.  Today we have a tempting treat from L.K. Rigel, author of Space Junque.  Spiderwork is the next book in the In Flagrante Apocalypto series.  As an extra treat, L.K. has offered an ebook copy of Spiderwork for a giveaway, yay!  This is a pre-release giveaway. What does that mean?  Spiderwork isn't out yet but expected to be released later this month, so if there are any unexpected delays then I will wait for the book to be released before announcing the winner.  Just a heads up so you don't think I forgot about  y'all!  After you enjoy the excerpt keep reading below for details on how to enter the giveaway.  

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by L.K. Rigel
Approx. Publication: Dec 2010 

In Flagrante Apocalypto #2
Paranormal Romance/Fantasy

Spiderwork excerpt
Copyright 2010 L.K. Rigel

There are parallel love stories in Spiderwork, that of Jake and Char, and Durga and Khai. This is the scene where Durga meets her hero -- though she doesn't realize it at the time.

= = = = =

The moment Durga entered the corridor, a difference in the air settled over her like a shift in reality. The Matriarch's doorkeepers lacked their usual arrogance. They weren't distracted. They were almost spellbound.

Asherah -- or something else -- must be near.

Then Durga heard it too. Music. A guitar … and an exquisite male baritone.
As I walked out over London Bridge
One misty morning early
I overheard a fair pretty maid
Lamenting for her Geordie.
As entrancing as the fairy charms from her childhood tales. The old world ballad flung Durga back to the time before everything changed.
Go bridle me my milk white steed
Go bridle me my pony
I will ride to London court
To plead for the life of Geordie.
The singer's voice floated in the air. Durga was a little girl again, transported back from this world of endless duty to the land of story. Her matriarch would have loved this.

It wasn't fair.

How strange that the world could go on without Durga's iron-willed guardian. How was it possible to exist and then to not exist? The only person who ever loved her as Durga, not as The Chosen One. Until this moment, she hadn't realized how lonely she had become.
Two pretty babies have I borne
The third lies in my body
I'd freely part with them, every one
If you'd spare the life of Geordie.
The verse cut too close, especially coming right after her talk with Faina. The spell was gone, like a web swept away. Durga entered the chamber fully in the present.
"Emissary." The music broke off as everyone stood.

The musician! What an odd character. He was prettier than any member of the delegation he served. The three men and one woman from Versailles were as drab as their airship, dressed in plain brown homespun and ornament-free.

An insult to Corcovado, if Durga thought it through. She shared a look with Magda, who seemed to agree.

The musician was tall and dark-skinned, without blemish. He was fit in the old way, lean but not at all thin. His black hair was braided close to his skull, decorated with bits of carved wood and sparkling rhinestones. He wore gold hooped earrings and a gold necklace, rings, and hammered gold armbands on his biceps. The gold appeared to be real.

She couldn't see his eyes. They were downcast, fixed on his guitar as he fussed with one of the tuning pegs. He seemed quite put out to have his song cut short merely to greet Durga, Emissary of Sanguibahd. His manners matched those of his masters.

The Versailles delegation gaped at Durga's hair and left shoulder as if she were an attraction in a traveling circus. Good. She kept the shoulder bare on purpose, to display the black widow spider tattoo, the mark left when the goddess Asherah made Durga a chalice.

All chalices would receive a totem, as Asherah called the tattoo. The goddess herself had placed Durga's spider in a painless lightning-quick flash. Faina had to have her lotus blossom put on the old-fashioned way.
The spider was the more impressive sign, but the hair was more important. It set her apart as the chosen one, a direct human line to the divine. She used the symbols of her fate to keep adversaries off balance. Let Versailles, with their demands and accusations, be a little awestruck.

"I apologize for keeping you waiting. How fortunate that you brought your entertainment with you." They must be taking the musician to perform at the coronation as a gift. She was pleased. She'd like to hear that voice again. A different song though.

"There has been an outrage," the delegation leader said. "Versailles demands satisfaction." They were all still standing. The impertinent man had actually yelled at her back.

She put years of icy distance into her answer. "If there has been an outrage, then Versailles surely will have satisfaction." She was the chosen one. Over the years a few unfortunates had tried to cross her, and to a bad end. Asherah loved an excuse to smite a petty creature, as she called human beings.

The man took in her hair again and stared at the spider as if it might crawl off her shoulder and scamper over to him. She was glad to see him tremble.

"I see the French lost their manners as well as the Louvre in the cataclysm."

As she inwardly enjoyed her joke, she caught the musician watching her with wide brown eyes full of unbridled admiration. A liberty far beyond his station.

The leader's face had gone white, but he stood his ground. "Emissary, forgive my intense emotion, but this is a serious matter. The heir provided by Sanguibahd is a pretender. A bagger. It doesn't even look like our scion."

"What are you saying?"

The woman put her hand on the man's arm and spoke in a more reasonable tone. "We are saying that Geraldo made a switch. Perhaps our heir died or was given to someone else."

"Great Asherah, that's a hard accusation." Durga sat down and motioned for everyone else to do the same. This wasn't beyond Geraldo's imagination, though insane even for that shibdung. If true, he'd put at risk eight years' worth of tenuous threads spun against chaos. Beyond criminal, it was heresy.

Durga willed herself not to smile.

"Emissary, we don't demand satisfaction." The woman gave her counterpart a warning look. "We don't demand anything. We ask for justice."

The musician was still watching Durga. She found herself caring more for his opinion than she should. "Of course. We'll convene a Team of Inquiry immediately." The standard response to a complaint.

"Composed entirely of Corcovadans, I assume?" The musician smiled, but he didn't bother to hide his sarcasm. He might be talented and pretty, but he went too far.

"You forget your place, sir."

His smile only broadened. Infuriating! The gods had restored the Great Chain of Being, and this musician had clearly forgotten his place on the chain. He didn't even try to hide his admiration for her.

She'd seen such admiration before.

Men came to Corcovado brimming with humility and desperate hope for the natural-born heirs needed to secure their dynasty. But when a man laid eyes on a chalice, hope took a step back, replaced by lust.

The chalices had flawless teeth, skin, and hair. They trained in martial arts and had the best food and purest water. They weren't skeletal like so many starving in the world. With their fertility came rounded hips and full breasts. A soft femininity radiated through the toned musculature and sense of entitlement.

They were exquisite objects of desire, as the goddess had intended.

But no man had ever looked at Durga with that desire, as the musician did now. She gripped the arms of her chair.

"I propose a compromise." The Matriarch spread her hands in conciliation, but Durga sensed a vein of mischief. Magda was like her son in that respect. "We'll include a neutral member on the team. The scion of Luxor, perhaps. Luxor is celebrated for its rulers' integrity."

Thank Asherah for Magda. She knew politicians and how their minds worked. The delegation broke out in smiles, and the tension in the room dissipated.

Durga took in a cleansing breath. That musician had gotten to her. She hadn't lost this much self-control since she tried to kill Geraldo.

"I agree," she said. "We'll name the scion of Luxor to the Team." She rose, indicating that this meeting was over. "Now, gentlemen, I must leave you. I assume we'll meet again at the coronation."

"Of course, Emissary." The musician slung the guitar bag over his shoulder. He was the tallest person in the room and the most beautiful, completely overshadowing the Versailles delegation. "Every city with means will show its respect for the Great Chain."

To punctuate his audacity, he kissed the Matriarch's hand -- and she allowed it.

* * * * *
I just have to say... how awesome is that cover?!  It's gorgeous.  Now, we first meet a much younger Durga in Space Junque so if you are intrigued and want to read Spiderwork, I would suggest starting with Space Junque.  Here's a little extra tidbit of info from L.K. explaining the genre shift between Space Junque and Spiderwork.
Did you know?
L.K. says...
"The series, In Flagrante Apocalypto, is about the world after everything changes, but Space Junque happens during the change, when things go from normal to paranormal. Though Space Junque's central events happen while the main characters are in orbit, the series doesn't go to space again.

Spiderwork, Bleeder, and the two novels I've planned after Bleeder take place in the changed world after the apocalypse. The people remember the old world inundated with technology and things like space flight, but that world exists only in memory. In the new reality, the veil between physical and metaphysical is tenuous. Things cross over. Especially the shapeshifters."

Spiderwork is now on Goodreads - add it to your wishlist here

Other ebooks by L.K. Rigel:

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Kindle / Smashwords / Nook

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Congrats to the Winner....Jennifer!  Yay!

L.K. is giving away an ebook of Spiderwork to one lucky commenter.  Winner may choose a Smashwords coupon code for a free download in various formats including mobi, epub, and pdf, or they can choose Kindle format gifted directly through Amazon (USA winner only).  Open worldwide, but if winner is outside the USA, a Smashwords coupon will be awarded.

Deadline for entering this giveaway is Friday, December 31st, 10:00 PM (EST). Winner will be announced here shortly after (depending on actual  release date) and will be notified by email.  Winner  then has 48 hours to reply before another winner is chosen.

One initial entry for leaving a comment or question for L.K. and leaving your email addy in comments. (If I don't have an email, I won't be able to contact you if you win!)

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