Sunday, December 26, 2010

I Heart Indie Books Reading Challenge - 2011

You're Invited!

I'm kicking off the New Year with an I Heart Indie Books Reading Challenge. This is an easy low-key challenge to help introduce new readers to indie books and encourage current indie readers to find some new favorites.
» All genres welcome
» Runs the entire year
» Jump in at any time
» Must be self-published titles or small indie press
» Authors are welcome and encouraged to participate in the challenge because you're a reader too!

The challenge goals for the year are:
Level 1
  • 1-6 books - Bronze
  • 7-12 books - Silver
  • 13-18 books - Gold
  • 19-24 books - Platinum
  • 25-30 books - Diamond
Level 2
  • 31-36 books - Bronze Elite
  • 37-42 books - Silver Elite
  • 43-48 books - Gold Elite
  • 49-54 books - Platinum Elite
  • 55+ books - Diamond Elite

    » There are two levels so you can choose the one that fits your reading style and speed.
    » This challenge can easily overlap other challenges you are doing.
    » Not sure which level to shoot for? Treat it like a step-up challenge. Just start at the bottom then when you reach the end of one level just "step-up" to the next level. See how many steps you can take by the end of the year.

    Need more of a challenge?  Try these OPTIONAL add-ons that can be applied at any level:
     - Only count unique authors (in other words an author can only be counted once even if you read more than one of their books)
    -  Do not overlap with any other challenges
    -  Do a modified A-Z on author names - each last name must begin with a different letter of the alphabet. If you get through all the letters just start over again!

    If you want to participate just add a link in the comments to your blog or website where you are keeping your list.  Don't have a blog or website or don't want to use it to keep your list?  No problem...I have a thread for this challenge started over at Goodreads in the Nothing But Reading Challenges group located HERE. You can keep your list there and also make recommendations for books you've read and enjoyed to help guide others to some good readin'. (No author self-promotion in that thread please).

    Feel free to grab the button or banner and spread the word on your blog or website (please link back to this post).  

    So, are you up for the challenge?  I double-dog dare ya! :)

    Indie Paranormal Book Reviews


    1. This one'll be easy for me ;) Great idea for a challenge! Do you have a grab code for your button so if they click, they'll come back to your blog? (I'm just learning all this stuff...)

    2. Hi Grace and Marie!

      Not sure how to make a grab button... if I can figure it out I'll add one. But you can just grab the image and link it.

    3. Ok, I'm IN! Check me out at:

      Michelle, I have a grab code for you for people to use. I'll try to get it to you. It works on my page (right hand side, go down)

      I just used the format from another grab button and changed the pertinent parts! If people use this, it'll like right back to this page when they click on the button.

    4. Count me in!

      I do a mix of "grown-up" books and elementary books; so we'll have to see if I can find any Indie elementary books.

    5. Thanks Grace, I'll check it out. I'm starting the New Year off with a lovely cold so I've been laying low.

      Hi bib - welcome to the challenge. It will be interesting to see the kids' books that you find.

    6. I'd like to be part of this. :) I posted on (message 51).

    7. Hi Kayleigh, fantastic! I'll go update the list :)

    8. Count me in!

    9. Hey brandi! Glad to have ya. And I'll add you to the indie-friendly review blog roll next time I update. :)

    10. I wanna join in. I read a lot of books from Indian writers.

    11. Hi Ashu! That's great!...welcome to the challenge :)

    12. I'm definitely in. One of my fav authors is completely indie and has reached such success on her own.
      It's amazing and inspiring.
      I think it's excellent that you're doing this!


    13. Hi Kristi, sorry your post didn't appear right away... the spam filter tagged it for some reason. Welcome to the challenge!

    14. Great challenge. I'm up for it. Here's my link...

    15. I am in. I read indiebooks, but I need to get better on reviewing them :)
      here is my link:

    16. Great idea, thank you. My blog is http//

      Also, if anyone wants free copies of my books to give away (or to read as part of the challenge), please let me know. Here's my Amazon author page:

      Email me at tygerbooks [at] btinternet [dot] com for free copies (please let me know it's for this challenge).


    17. Sibel, Mikaela, and Helen....thanks for joining in.

      Sibel...thanks for all the shout outs :)

    18. I'm in. I've just finished Daughters by indie writer Consuelo Saah Baehr and now I've started The Time Hunters by Carl Ashmore.

    19. Excellent! I am joining the challenge - glad to have found you.

    20. Thanks for joining the challenge! If you have a link where you are keeping your list, let me know and I'll add it the post above. A link for the goodreads thread for this challenge is also in the post above and you can keep it there if you don't want to do it on your blog.

    21. I know I'm a little late in the game, but I think I'm going to do this! Great idea, and I love the icon!

    22. Hey Rebecca, no deadline to participate, you can jump in any time. Glad you could join us. If you want to give a link to your list I'll add it to the post above.

    23. What fun! This will be a blast! Great idea! I'm going to grab the button and paste a link back to your website! :)

    24. You did NOT just double dog dared me, did you? *goes back and read again* You did! Fine then. I'm in. And I'm in ALL the WAY baby! I'm on my way to my blog to add the lovely button, and then I'll check my Goodreads list to update the list of my Indie loves I already read this year. Double dog daring me, the nerve!

      Here is the link to my blog:

      P.S. Thanks for doing this. I was looking for a way to promote my love for Indie authors (absolute enticed by my friend Marcia Colette) and this is the perfect (second) opportunistic. My first was to include only (or mainly) Indie authors in my upcoming blog party that runs from April 13th to May 1st. This is not self-promotion, I promise, I just type a lot when I'm excited ;-)

    25. Hopefully I will be an Indie writer soon.

    26. I was just telling a friend about your challenge and felt like stopping by. I've found so many wonderful Indie authors, and I know I would have never read them, if Marcia Colette had not brought me to your site.

      I've read over 45 novels and 10 shorter works by Indie authors this year, and I'm still going. Thanks for the inspiration!

    27. That's awesome, Magaly! What a great list. I look forward to watching it grow and finding some new goodies too :)

      I have joined in the challenge. Thanks for the button.

    29. Love this! I made a separate shelf on my goodreads account. Blog can be found at


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