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Sneak Peek! Toil and Trouble by HP Mallory

Sneak Peek! is a new feature showcasing tantalizing teasers for upcoming releases in the paranormal indiesphere.

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Toil and Trouble by HP Mallory
Jolie Wilkins, Book 2
Release Date:  January 1st, 2011

* * * * *
Suddenly, I felt cold fingers probing the wound and thought the pain would kill me then and there. I pried my eyes open to find Sinjin before me, spattered with blood. He’d killed the wolf—that much was obvious.

“Sinjin, it bit me!”

“Jolie.” It was all Sinjin could utter before Rand bowled him over.

“Get the fuck away from her!” Rand screamed as Sinjin sidestepped him as fast as lightning.

“She has been bitten by a wolf!” Sinjin roared.

“What?!” I demanded, realizing the weight of Sinjin’s statement—I was about to get hairy. A scream sounded from the depths of my body as I attempted to face the facts.

When Rand came into sight, his concerned expression didn’t fill me with much hope.

“Christ,” he whispered as he inspected my wound. He touched it and all the burning within me seemed concentrated directly beneath his fingertips.

“Rand, it hurts!” I pleaded as the fire rained within me. Whatever was happening was happening fast. Rand’s eyes were wide as he placed his hand on my forehead as if checking my temperature. Then he turned to Sinjin.

“She’s turning,” he said, his voice belying the fact that he was nervous.

“Stop it from happening!” I squealed before another spasm of pain racked my insides and I bit down hard, tasting the blood of my own lip.

“I can suck out the toxins,” Sinjin said in a calm voice, his eyes glowing eerily in the moonlight as he took a step closer to my bed.

“No,” Rand said, shaking his head. “I can heal her myself.”

“You do not have time,” Sinjin said as he glanced at me. “She is turning too rapidly.”

At the hideous prospect of becoming a wolf, I gripped Rand’s hand. If Sinjin could stop it, I needed his help. “Please, Rand.”

Rand gulped hard and told Sinjin. “Do it quickly.”

Sinjin’s smile was wickedly purposeful. “You will have to charm her so she will not feel it.”

Although vampires can bewitch their prey, rendering the victim an unwitting accomplice in the theft of their blood, vampires can’t bewitch witches. That is, of course, unless Rand used his magic to make me susceptible to Sinjin’s power.

Rand gritted his teeth, the emotions of whether or not to allow Sinjin to seduce me playing across his face. “No, I can’t allow her to succumb to you,” Rand said, tightlipped. “My magic will…”

“Very well but this will be incredibly painful,” Sinjin interrupted with a shrug and sat down beside me, leaning over as he inspected the wolf’s bite. As he looked at me, his fangs lengthened. I closed my eyes as another eruption of molten pain flowed through me.

“Please, Rand, please do what he’s asking!”

Rand paused a moment more before kneeling down, placing my head between his large hands, riveting my attention. “Look at me, Jolie, and don’t break eye contact.”

I nodded and although another spasm seized me, I forced my eyes open. Rand didn’t say anything as he gazed at me, almost like he was seeing through me. I could only gasp at the incredible pain that was now spreading into my stomach, feeling like my body was eating itself.

Seconds later, Rand released my head and stood up. “It’s done,” he said in a small voice.

Sinjin nodded and grasped my hand. “Look at me, Poppet. This will not cause you pain, do you understand?”

I nodded dumbly and lost myself in the crystal blue of Sinjin’s eyes. His pupils dilated until the black swallowed the ice blue only to immediately return to normal. Like a light switch turning off, the pain that had been coursing through me suddenly vanished.

And all there was was Sinjin.
 * * * * *

Um, is it January yet?  lol! I'm dying to know what happens, argh!  If you need another dose of the Jolie Wilkins world, you're in luck.  Check out HP's website for the whole first chapter, yay!  While you are there sign up for the distribution list to keep up to date on all the latest news and release information.

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I hope you enjoyed this Sneak Peek!   I sure did :)

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  1. Awesome sneak peak! I loved it. Made feel sorry for Rand while wanting Sinjin to make his move! Thanks for sharing, Ms. Mallory.

  2. Stop teasing me!!! :)
    This is going to be soo good!

  3. HP picked a really good excerpt. I can see this feature backfiring on me, lol! I can't wait to see what happens with Rand, Jolie, and Sinjin. :)

  4. Fabulous peek. I want to read more!


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