Friday, October 22, 2010

Friday Finds: Sweet Indie Deals

Friday Finds is a way to share super sweet deals for indie paranormal ebooks.  All Friday finds are priced  Free ~ $3.00 and represent an awesome deal for the word count.

Books listed in Friday Finds have not been reviewed unless noted below with a link to the review.  It's up to the reader to determine if the book is a good fit for their reading tastes.  Follow the links for a description of the book and to download a free sample to see if you might like it. It's a great way to "test drive" a book.

Prices valid at the time of this post but they can change at any time, so get 'em while the gettin' is good!

 The Keeping by Nicky Charles
Word Count: approx. 151,916 (Novel Plus)
Free! at Smashwords

  Assumptions by CE Pietrowiak
Word Count: approx. 40,282 (Novella)
Free! at Smashwords w/Coupon Code AF96A
(coupon code from author website)
LIMITED TIME!!  Coupon expires October 31, 2010

Tempest by Holly Hook
Word Count: approx. 67,333 (Novel)
$0.99 at Smashwords
$0.99 at Amazon

The Tale of the Vampire Bride by Rhiannon Frater
Word Count: approx. 166,780 (Novel Plus)
$1.99 at Smashwords
$1.79 at Amazon

 Dark Muse by Broken Sword
Word Count: approx. 224,072 (Big Honkin' Novel!)
$2.99 at Smashwords


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